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Understanding What Software Development Life Cycle is All About

For beginners, it is good to understand the different terms, which are interrelated to each other, about software, software development, and software development life cycle. Software refers to a set on instructions for the computer to read and understand so it can perform a specific task. Software development refers to the process of using computer programming in order to develop software. Software development life cycle is the process of developing new software.


The procedures in Atlanta website development life cycle involves the following: gathering and analysing the requirements to develop software, designing of the software, coding or programming, testing the software, deployment, and maintaining the software. The first procedure, which is the gathering and analysing the requirements to develop software, starts with a plan. In the planning process, all persons concerned in the software company must be present to deliberate on what kind of new software should be developed, and these persons are the project managers, stakeholders and senior software developers. This is an important phase because questions from the concerned parties must be addressed first before the project is started, such as: who will be using the software, how is the software used, what is the purpose of the software, what are the required input and output data, what are skills needed to put up the new software, and many more concerns.


The designing of the software is created on the basis of the documentation and the results of what has been deliberated during the planning phase, and the kind of system that is decided. Most of the bulk of this process task is done by the software developers, in which they find out the requirements of the hardware and the kind of system that will be used. These developers are considered as the architects in the design of the software. Then the system design documents are now divided into modules and the software developers do their programming, as well as coding job. It does take time to program and code all the systems design, but when the task is done, the software design work is sent to the software quality department to test the software, such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, such that if they find an error or any deviations, the software is sent back to the developer. This process may be repeated many times over until the software is free of bugs and ready to be deployed and sent to the concerned client requesting for this kind of software or it is sold to the public. For more facts about software, visit this website at


Every software developer must include in their services the updating and maintenance of the software that they have developed, such that any issues with the Atlanta Software Development must be readily resolved by the software developing company.